About Us

Our History

In high school, Nathan began learning about the cleaning industry, immersing himself in the world of custodial work and floor maintenance. What started as a part-time job eventually sparked his interest with carpet cleaning and the prospect of owning his own business. After graduating, Nathan left his home state of California behind and set his sights on Flagstaff, Arizona. He enjoyed Flagstaff’s natural beauty and decided to settle down in the small mountain town in 1993 to start his business, Spots Carpet Care. It wasn’t long before Nathan met his future wife Valerie, the couple shared a passion for business and worked tirelessly to grow Spots Carpet Care. Nathan’s commitment to being at the forefront of industry cleaning standards and quality workmanship quickly earned him recognition as one of Flagstaff’s premier carpet and hard surface cleaning companies. 

Fast forward to 2010, Nathan’s 6-year-old son, Aidan, regularly visited the rug cleaning facility at Spots Carpet Care, and undoubtably caused a bit of mischief. At 12 years old, Aidan began helping his father around the shop. He grew up immersed into the world of carpet cleaning and business ownership. Nathan began sharing his 30 plus years of knowledge and experience of the industry with Aidan. As a result, Aidan naturally gravitated towards rug cleaning services for the company and grew to love this side of the business.

Our Future

Aidan and Nathan began their journey toward a higher level of mastery in 2023, earning their Master Rug Cleaner Certifications in Dallas, Texas. This certification holds the highest standards of education for cleaning methods and industry standards for almost every type of rug around the world, from conventional factory-made to delicate handwoven pieces. Ellen Amirkhan and Aaron Groseclose, renowned oriental rug specialists and owners of the Oriental Rug Cleaning Co., teach this course in the US and England. Ellen has a vast collection of unique rugs at her cleaning plant for students to learn from while attending her class. Aidan is the youngest student to date that has received a Master Rug Cleaner Certification.

Inspiration from this course led Nathan and Aidan to embark on a new venture: Flagstaff Rug Specialists, a company devoted exclusively to the care of rugs. Their vision extended to the complete renovation of the rug cleaning facility, encompassing the installation of industry leading equipment. This ambitious project involved the removal of old concrete flooring to accommodate for upgraded plumbing systems and electrical. Nathan and Aidan actively pursue opportunities for skill refinement, such as attending gatherings like the Association of Rug Care Specialists (ARCS) conference, to learn from other specialists from around the world and attending classes from other industry leaders like Robert Mann’s rug cleaning plant in Denver, Colorado. Their unwavering commitment to continuous learning is a testament to their dedication to mastering the art of rug cleaning, ensuring that Flagstaff Rug Specialists remains at the forefront of the industry for years to come.

The renovation process was no easy feat, as Aidan and Nathan worked to find the most effective layout for the facility. Flagstaff Rug Specialists is grateful for the expertise of Shafor Concrete Inc., Another Plumbing Company, and Rose Electric who did a fantastic job of helping us achieve our goal.