Rug Washing

Who We Are

We are a 2nd generation family-owned business local to Flagstaff that specializes in oriental and area rug washing. Our rug cleaning facility features industry leading equipment designed to gently and effectively remove stubborn dirt and stains from rugs. Unlike conventional methods that merely clean the surface of your rug, our washing system gives a deeper clean by loosening and removing dirt trapped in your rug from everyday use, high traffic areas, pets, and children. Our rug washing method ensures a deep professional clean that you can count on!

Our Rug Washing Process

1. Inspection

We begin by measuring your rug dimensions to determine pricing. Then we inspect your rug for things like soiling, stains, pet urine, damage, color fading or any other concerns you may have. We document our findings and determine the best cleaning method for your rug. Cleaning methods vary depending on the fiber type and rug construction.

2. Air Dusting

The first stop in the cleaning process for your rug is our air dusting station where we use a specialized air wand to remove as much dirt and particles from the rug surface as possible. It’s important to remove dust and dirt buildup to maximize the effectiveness of the next steps in our cleaning procedure. This method is a gentle and effective way to remove stubborn dirt.

3. Pet Urine Treatment or Deodorization

Pet urine spots can be seen clearly during our black light inspection. If pet urine is present we perform a urine treatment with an industry safe product. This product works by bonding tightly to urine crystals in the fibers allowing them to dissolve in water. The rug is then flushed with water to remove any residual residue.

4. General Washing

Rugs are placed in our 1000-gallon tank and allowed to soak. This tank produces a continuous gentle current that slowly moves the rugs in circles to further loosen dirt particles. (Some rugs require other cleaning methods due to their delicate nature or fiber type, so this step does not apply to all rugs).

5. Wash Floor

After rugs are removed from the soak tank, they are transferred to the wash floor. Here, our technician applies specialized cleaning products for each rug, followed by a gentle scrubbing to ensure even distribution of the product. Finally, rugs are thoroughly flushed with water on the wash floor to remove any remaining residue.

6. Centrifuge

Rugs are placed in the centrifuge and spun, during which clean water is flushed through the centrifuge while the rug spins to remove any remaining cleaning products. This flushing continues until the water runs clear. After this, the centrifuge spins again to extract the majority of the water from the rug. 

7. Grooming

When the rug is removed from the centrifuge it’s groomed before hanging to dry. This process resets the pile or direction of the fibers before drying. This is a very important step while the rug is freshly washed.

8. Air Drying

Rugs are hung on a drying rack with constant air circulation and temperature control. Drying a rug thoroughly is essential for proper care and maintenance of the rug. Some rugs are dried flat due to their fiber type and tendency to curl when drying. A moisture meter is used to determine when the rugs are completely dry.

9. Fiber Protection

If requested, we then apply fiber protector to the rug and allow it to dry completely again. We use a high-quality protector, this helps the rug clean up better after vacuuming in home and helps prevent most staining if spills occur. If your rug is in a high traffic area or you have pets and children in your home we highly recommend having your rugs protected. 

10. Final Inspecion

Our technician will perform a final inspection which includes vacuuming, grooming and fringe detailing. Once the rug meets our quality standards, we will give you a call to inform you that your rug is ready. The rug is then wrapped in paper to protect it during storage or transport. You can schedule a delivery to your residence (Standard Delivery Fee Applies), or you can come by our office Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM to pick-up your rug.