Specialty Rug Services

Minor Rug Repairs

Small rug repairs can be done for rugs that are coming undone around the fringe or at an edge. Our technician will inspect your rug to determine if the damage can be repaired. We understand that rugs with sentimental value or family heirlooms are important to you and try our best to preserve them. We do our best to make restorations that are as close to the original rug as possible. Our technician must see your rug first to determine if we can provide a repair for you.

Dye Correction

Our Master Certified rug technicians can perform dye removal or correction in areas where dye has bled into another section of the rug. Specialized products and methods are employed to carefully lift and extract the excess dye without causing further damage to the rug fibers. In some cases, we may be unable to safely remove dye from an affected area.

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Rug Shearing

Does your rug have loose fibers or pilling due to everyday wear and tear? We provide rug shearing to help restore the looks and surface feel of your rug. Our rug shears are specifically designed to create a level and even cut across the surface of your rug that removes a very small amount of fiber from the surface to give new life to your rug. Not all rug types are a good candidate for shearing, loop pile rugs for instance cannot be sheared because it would destroy the surface of the rug. Upon inspection our technician can determine if your rug can be sheared.

Shape Correction

We offer services to help correct the shape of rugs. This service can be done for rugs that do not lay flat, have lost their shape after many years of use. This is a rarer occurrence but does happen with specific types of rugs. Our technician will determine if this service is needed. We cannot guarantee your rug will go back to its original shape, however, we try to preserve the original shape as much as possible.